What’s Included in a Pre-Trip Inspection

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Whether you have a road trip coming up before the end of summer or you’re planning a future trip, having a pre-trip inspection done on your vehicle prior to hitting the road is never a bad idea. Our thorough multi-point, pre-trip inspections are broken up into 6 categories – Walk Up, Test Drive, Underhood, Battery, Undercar, and Brakes.

Pre-Trip Inspection Breakdown:

Walk Up:

  • Can we physically see anything not right about your vehicle?
  • Are your vehicle’s lights in proper working order? This includes headlights, warning lights, and taillights. 
  • Do your windshield wipers work? 

Test Drive:

  • How do your brakes feel?
  • Is your vehicle making any noise that wouldn’t be considered “normal”?
  • How is the ride quality?
  • Is the vehicle in alignment?


  • How are the fluid levels in your vehicle? This includes engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and coolant/antifreeze. 
  • Are there any fluid leaks?
  • Is the air filter clean?
  • Are there any concerns with the electrical? 
  • Are your belts and hoses in quality condition?


  • Are the battery terminals clean?
  • Are the battery cables in good condition?
  • Does your vehicle’s battery pass the conductive test? 


  • Do your tires need to be rotated?
  • How is the tire pressure?
  • Are there any fluid leaks?
  • How are the fluid levels? This includes differentials and transfer case.
  • Are there any concerns under car including tie rods/track bar, sway bar/bushings/links, control arm/bushings/ball joints, driveshafts/U-joints, CV shafts/axles, powertrain mounts, exhaust, steering box/rack, wheel bearings and hubs, front and rear shocks/struts


  • What is the status of the front and rear brake pads?
  • Are the brake hoses, lines, and fittings in quality working order?
  • Are there any concerns with the front or rear rotors, calipers, and brake hardware?

After a thorough inspection, we’ll put together a full report and text or email it to you. We’ll call out what requires urgent attention, items that require future attention, as well as all areas that passed inspection. 

Anything considered unsafe for a road trip will be brought to your attention immediately with options for repair. As a Certified Auto Repair shop, any work we complete is backed by the best warranty in our area – 3 years, 36,000 miles with nationwide coverage! That way, no matter where your road trip takes you, you’re covered.

Let us take a few things off of that pre-trip to-do list – give us a call today to schedule a service appointment to have your vehicle inspected before you leave.

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